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Fabrication of Prototype CFSU-07

Fabrication of the CFSU-07 Model is well under way. Tim Straatmans continues to develop and fabricate the All Stainless Steel components in a workshop/hangar situated at the Gladstone Airport. He has enlisted Hydraulics Engineer/Draftsman for 3D modelling and design, along with several other local engineering firms with abilities he cannot perform in his workshop (ie, Metal pressing and rolling, laser cutting, large scale machining and boring, hydraulics and laboratories).

FOOTNOTE - This is the Prototype Model, capable of treating circa 20,000 litres (20 Metric Tonnes) of liquid PER HOUR.

It will be able to lay down for transportation on its own base and be powered by 24 Volt so a remote operation is achieved.

Looking at stacked Univat.jpg
Base cutout complete.jpg
Press Plate.jpg
Big Ram in position.jpg
Briquette Diaphragm.jpg
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