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Univat pty ltd

                                TAILINGS HARVESTER




Our CFS-Univat System enables the harvesting of tailings with it's newly Patented and revolutionary concept. 

Any Foul water or Liquidised Tailings Streams entering the top chamber, within minutes is transformed into CLEAN re-usable water and packaged DRY WASTE from the bottom chambers.

This is a ONE TANK system incorporating

1. Receival of product

2. Introduction of Special AGENT

3. Agitation/mixing

6. Flocculation and Coagulation

7. Clarification

8. Separation

9. Filter Pressing

10. Bagging/Handling

11. Remote Power (24V,Solar, Wind)

This is IMMEDIATE, using 100% Natural Elements, no chemicals, no heat or no other machines required.

Univat Cross section.JPG

Model CFSU-07 (Capable of 20 Cu.M Per hour)

Tank position laying.png
Tank position midway.png
Tank position Upright.png
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